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Classic L.A

THC <0,95%
CBD 18,07%
From: Price CHF12.00 /g

Red Lebanese

THC <0,78%
CBD 18%
From: Price CHF12.00 /g


THC <0.92%
CBD 18,71%
From: Price CHF12.00

Forbidden fruit

THC <0,97%
CBD 25,06%
From: Price CHF25.00 /g
Showing 1-15 of 15 item(s)

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash is a hashish made with cannabis flowers rich in cannabidiol and almost devoid of thc (the psychotropic molecule of cannabis). Cannabidiol is one of the molecules naturally present in cannabis. Unlike thc, cbd is totally legal and recognized as non-narcotic by the WHO.

The cbd hash is legal in Switzerland if it contains less than 1% thc and 0.3% for the European Union.

CBD hash is therefore a non-euphoric hashish that concentrates a limited amount of thc for high levels of cbd.

Effects Pollen CBD

CBD resins are not psychotropic since they concentrate very little thc, however the increased amount of cbd gives them an effect associated with this molecule.

Indeed, cannabidiol is not a narcotic, but it is still psychoactive and delivers a feeling of relaxation that is associated with relaxation of body and mind.

How are our Swiss CBD resins made?

The methods for producing cbd hash are the same as for making traditional hash, but the resins are simply made with flowers low in thc and high in cannabidiol.

Hash is actually a collection of trichomes from the cannabis plant. These trichomes are small cannabinoid-filled resin glands that coat the cannabis flower and provide it with protection against UV rays and insects.

There are many techniques for making hash, but the principle is always the same: separate the plant from these famous trichomes, then squeeze them to make a pellet, a bar or a plate.


How is CBD hash made?

CBD hash is made by separating the cbd flowers from their trichomes which are small resin glands that cover the flowering tops of cannabis. The trichomes are then compressed to form a cbd hash wafer.

What is the price of CBD hash?

The cbd hash costs between 8 and 4 euros approximately per gram when purchased in small quantities not exceeding 20g. The prices are then decreasing according to the desired quantity.

Why buy Swiss CBD hash?

The cbd hash from Switzerland is generally of better quality and ensures a product whose production standards are demanding and respectful of consumer health.

What effect does CBD hash have?

The cbd hash is not euphoric since it is very low in thc, on the other hand the high levels of cbd deliver a relaxing effect that relaxes the body and the mind.