Collaborating with Clipper is not trivial, the brand dissociates itself from its competitors bic and others with an ecological and sustainable side that we appreciate at Goldbar420.

"You can change yourself, without great difficulty, each part of your lighter and also reload it in order to use it indefinitely".

Our lighters comply with the ISO 9994 standard. We use Isobutane, which is a much safer gas than Propane.

Each lighter is made with 30% recycled materials, helping to reduce waste.

Nylon, one of the strongest plastic materials that allows you to use much less material than other plastics.

Going beyond reuse, SUSTAINABILITY is at the heart of Clipper's approach.

The energy consumed during the lighter manufacturing process has been reduced by 25% over the past three years.

Each year, several million disposable lighters are consumed, using a considerable number of natural resources repeatedly.

CLIPPER is currently the only truly refillable lighter and the only reusable plastic lighter.

In order to minimize the risk of accidents, the valve regulates the flame to a stable and safe height of 30 mm max.

Its ignition system is fitted with a “child safety” device. This prevents children under the age of 5 from lighting the lighters.

Highest performance: Flexible, resistant, non-fissile and self-extinguishing.

As a reminder, our productions are done under our Goldbar420 chart which guarantees natural products, with no added cannabinoids or terpenes

Our plants and their extracts can have multiple benefits and relaxing virtues leaving a clear mind and a calm body, but this remains specific to each one and we cannot guarantee you the desired effects

As with everything in life, it's best not to have too much of the good things, including plants from the cannabis family

You can consume them in a variety of ways, including herbal tea in order to facilitate sleep disorders

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