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Black Afghan

Black Afghan


The Black Afghan CBD is royal

Generous, its aromas play on the cherry, the woody and earthy side.

It has been one of our basic references since 2020 under the name of CBD resin.

Pollen color brown, golden yellow.

The CBD hash also says the CBD resin is Swiss certified, of premium quality, made in an artisanal way by the Goldbar420 team. The delivery of our CBD products is done quickly and discreetly.

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Our Black Afghan CBD is made on our premises by the Goldbar420 team. It is a resinous and dark hash that we have made in such a way as to get as close as possible to the characteristics of the legendary Afghan hashish made in the traditional way in the mountains.

Black Afghan CBD Appearance

This cbd hash features a striking aesthetic with a smooth, dark layer on the outside that contrasts with the brown and reddish granular appearance that is revealed on the inside. The trichomes that compose it give it this very resinous and nuanced appearance that makes this cbd hash as fascinating to see as it is to taste.

Black Afghan CBD flavor

This Black Afghan cbd hash has an unforgettable flavor that blends fruity, cherry-like notes with the earthy, woody and spicy touches typical of hash. It is a bouquet of complex and subtle aromas that allows you to savor this hash with delight.

THC and CBD levels

This Black Afghan hash has a very low thc level around 0.1% which makes it completely legal in Switzerland and in the countries of the European Union.

In addition, its cbd rate fluctuates around 11%, which allows this hash to deliver a very pleasant effect.

Black Afghan CBD Effect

With Black Afghan CBD you will quickly feel the effects of cannabidiol mixed with those of other cannabinoids. The result is a strong sense of relaxation that relaxes the muscles and soothes the mind.

As a reminder, our productions are done under our Goldbar420 chart which guarantees natural products, with no added cannabinoids or terpenes

Our plants and their extracts can have multiple benefits and relaxing virtues leaving a clear mind and a calm body, but this remains specific to each one and we cannot guarantee you the desired effects

As with everything in life, it's best not to have too much of the good things, including plants from the cannabis family

You can consume them in a variety of ways, including herbal tea in order to facilitate sleep disorders

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