CBD vape battery

Our CBD cartridges or 1ml CBD cartridge are also sold on our online store.

No oil additives are added or to be added in our CBD cartridges. Our CBD cartridges come from cannabis plants.

The CBD biscotti cartridge offers spicy, tasty notes leaving an effect of relaxation and peace.

It is the ideal tool for many people who have quit smoking and started vaping.

This Kit contains: 1 Battery + 1 Magnetic usb charging cable.

As a reminder, our productions are done under our Goldbar420 chart which guarantees natural products, with no added cannabinoids or terpenes

Our plants and their extracts can have multiple benefits and relaxing virtues leaving a clear mind and a calm body, but this remains specific to each one and we cannot guarantee you the desired effects

As with everything in life, it's best not to have too much of the good things, including plants from the cannabis family

You can consume them in a variety of ways, including herbal tea in order to facilitate sleep disorders

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